The Most Wonderful Time to Give

givingtuesdayI absolutely love the time of year! The frigid temps, maybe not so much, but the heart of giving that comes out this season I just adore! As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we enter “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” many people look for ways to love and serve others. We see individuals ringing bells by red canisters, families serving in soup kitchens, Mom’s and Dad’s donating toys to kids in need and children singing carols at hospitals. In this wonderful time of year, we become so aware of how much we have and that tends to present itself as a desire to give to others.

We at OneHope27 have already seen a great influx of giving this season. We currently have one school and one church running a Clothes and PJ drive for kids entering care. This month we also had one entire family come and put together placement bags for kids entering foster care. We have another family who is donating all the supplies needed for the same number of bags as they have family members. Then there is a local fitness club that is running a Thanksgiving Boot camp and PJ drive, which maye be the most creative idea we’ve seen yet!

These are just a few ways that people are giving this season. It could be that you identify with one of these things and want to give in a like-minded manner. Perhaps you know a family involved in foster care that cannot afford Christmas and you could help make that happen for them. Maybe you could bake some cookies or a meal for a foster family. If you are a Black Friday shopper you could even pick up a couple extra Pajamas or outfits for kids just entering care.

Still looking for a way to give that is right for you? Don’t forget Giving Tuesday on December 1st. After Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday a day dedicated to giving all over the world. As a 501(c)(3) organization any monetary donation you feel lead to give in support of our mission to FOSTER hope is tax deductible and can be easily made through PayPal here.

Thank you on behalf of all the kids and families who have been impacted by our generous donors both of funding and supplies. Each time you give in support of our mission to impact those involved in foster care with the hope of Christ, you take a part in touching their lives! You are the one who not only provided their first new pair of Pajamas, but a ear to ear smile. You are the one who fulfilled his wish to go to a football camp and meet his hero. You are the one who helped raised awareness of the need for the foster parents who’s home she is sleeping in safely tonight. Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for sharing the love and the hope of Christ with kids and families involved in foster care in Milwaukee and beyond!




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