5 Questions with Treasurer Extraordinaire Greg

1) What is your Full Name?

Gregory Alan Edlund

2) What is your family like?

Wife is Julie. She was my high school sweetheart, and we’ll have been married 18 years this September. Outside my salvation in Christ, she is the greatest gift God has given me.

Three kids: Elijah, 12; Gianna, 9; Judah, 5. Elijah loves tennis & volleyball. Gianna loves horses. Judah loves Legos.

3) What is your favorite childhood memory?

Playing catch with my dad in the backyard.

4) What lead you to be involved with OneHope27?

Even when my wife & I were dating in high school, we talked about maybe adopting and/or fostering when we got married. After becoming a Christian, my desire to help the “least of these” increased. Adoption/fostering seemed a natural way to help the “least of these”. Also, adoption is such a great picture of salvation, so Julie and I would love to show at least one child a picture of God’s love through adoption. Right before we became aware of OneHope27, we had begun a conversation about doing foster care. We believed and still do believe that God has positioned us to add to our family at this point in our lives. Then, a friend told us about OneHope27 and their need for a Treasurer. I love the local church, and I loved OneHope27’s mission of seeking to get local churches’ to respond to the foster and adoption needs of Milwaukee children. Our family can meet the needs of a few, but the church can meet the needs of many, all the while showing Christ’s love to the children and to Milwaukee at large. I thought, “What a great way to build up local churches, build up children and to build up Milwaukee in general. Sign me up!”

5) What is your favorite pizza topping? Thin crust or deep dish?

Meat lovers, Chicago-style deep dish

Greg is a OneHope27 Board Member and business man who devotes his time to his family and his church

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