+-*At OneHope27 you will often hear us say, “Everyone can do something” to impact those involved in foster care. Many times that “something” begins with getting involved in our placement bag project. Placement Bags are put together for children just entering foster Read More →

Becky’s Story

+-* When I think about the One Hope 27 bags, I am overwhelmed with emotions. I feel a deep appreciation. I feel desperate to be hopeful. And I feel a gut wrenching sadness. All from a clear plastic bag. I look back at Read More →


+-*May is National Foster Care Month. It’s a time to recognize that we can each play a part in enhancing the lives of those involved in foster care. In Milwaukee County alone there are over 2300 children currently in foster care with Read More →

The Power of Prayer

+-*“Prayer pushes us through life’s slumps, propels us over the humps and pulls us out of the dumps” Max Lucado At OneHope27 we believe in the power of prayer! We know that families who engage in foster care experience unique challenges as Read More →

My Story

+-*The following post comes to us via one of our newest Board Members Marla. We Love her heart and we are honored to have her involved with our Mission to FOSTER hope! I never imagined that my personal life and my professional Read More →