Brining HERhope

2020 has been a year of the unexpected, the unsettling and the unknown. We could not have foreseen all this year would bring and the resulting timeline setback we would experience for the opening of our home. However, it has given us time to hire new staff, build new community partners and connections, as well as to get our polices and manuals inĀ order for the home.

We will soon move into the next phase of the building of our support home and we look forward to sharing about the property and inviting many of you in to pray with us, to work on construction needs as well as help decorate the spaces to be ready for a warm welcome in for the families we work with.

As we continue to work behind the scenes on all the details that go into making our home a reality YOU can support the women and children we work with by joining HERhope

When you join our monthly giving community 100% of your donation goes to the support home fund. Consistent monthly giving provides support and a strong foundation to pour into the lives of the women and children we serve. It allows us to confidently take in young mothers with children in foster care to aid in quicker and more successful reunification becauseĀ HERhope has made sure that we have laid a strong foundation.

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