Let’s Celebrate!

-+*If 2020 and 2021 were the years of the journey, the time of working the soil and preparing a place, then I am confident that the year 2022 will be the year we celebrate the journey, the year we get to welcome Read More →

-+*Recent research has shown an increase in children in foster care leaving due to adoption or guardianship and less due to reunification with one or both parents. We know that most children are removed from their parents care due to neglect that Read More →

I Know Her Story

-+*The other day I met a sweet lady at the gas station. As I exited my car preparing to pump gas she came up asking if I had any spare change. I gladly handed her the small amount of cash I had and Read More →

The Blanket.

-+*The following post comes to us from our friend Jill who served on our Board of Directors for several years. I know you will enjoy this beautifully touching story as much as we did. You can learn more about her family’s adventure Read More →