City Reformed Church

As an organization, OH27 knows we are only able to actively reframe the way we love and serve the Foster Community through the help of our amazing volunteers, church and community partners! Below you will see a bit more about the community that has participated in serving us so that we can serve the Foster Community.

“My name is Jennifer Cosgrove and I’m an adoptive and foster mom (though we don’t currently have any placements). My two daughters were both adopted from China. We’ve been involved with OneHope for a number of years, and my church, City Reformed Church, is a ministry partner. Our church gathered together and did our own “fun run” to benefit OneHope and the work you all are doing for foster families, kids, and bio parents! I am thrilled to share that we had over 30 people from our church run and donate over 600 dollars! We had a great time at Estabrook park and look forward to continuing to support OneHope 27 and all the great work you are doing!”
– Jennifer Cosgrove, City Reformed Church

We are grateful and thankful for each and every one of you! If you have a participation story or picture that you would like to share that shows your experience in partnering with us, please feel free to send those to: or so that we can celebrate with you!

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