The Joy in Volunteering

We are blessed with a great team working together in our mission to FOSTER hope. Tammy is no exception! She sought us out with an eagerness to help wherever she could, and we are blessed to have her be a part of the team. Here is a glimpse at Tammy’s heart for kids in foster care.

What is your full name? Tammy Lynn Foseid
Cake or ice cream? Custard:)
Pizza or Pasta? Pasta
How long have you been working with OH27?/ What is your role?  I have been volunteering since Sept. 2014 as the volunteer coordinator
How did you first hear about OH27? I first connected with OneHope27 via Facebook
What is your favorite thing about packing bags for kids in foster care? I really like matching the cute clothes with Pj’s and imagining the children who will be getting them.  I think about their lives and pray that this gift of clothes will make their transition just a little easier, that they will feel loved when they receive it.
What can others do to help?  I think a big part of helping Foster Kids is just talking about it and making foster care a normal topic of conversation.  It seems like there is a stigma that comes along with the titles and I would love to see more people just simply aware of foster care and doing what they have the ability to do to help. Being a foster parent may not be the best option for everyone, but we can all support foster parents and foster kids by bringing awareness to our churches, friends, and families.
Anything else you would like to say?  Just that I am really enjoying being a part of a ministry that has the heart of service to see children thrive.  I am thankful to be involved and giving back to my community.


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