Hello 1HopeMKE Family! We are excited to share some of the NEW THINGS that are happening in 2024!

Theme for The Year

This year our theme centers around our identity as human beings, and as an organization we want every foster child, every foster parent, every kinship parent, and biological parent to know the truth about who they are in Christ.

My Story: You Matter

Ephesians 2:10 MASTERPIECE
John 15:15 FRIEND
Ephesians 2:26 CHILD
Romans 5:8 LOVED
I Thessalonians 1:4 CHOSEN

My Story

When I was adopted, my parents changed my name and gave me meaning behind the new name that I was given. In some of the same ways, we identify ourselves and those around us by the names we call each other!

Placement Bags

  • 450 placement bags have been donated since January – 2024
  • We will continue to have Placement Bag events monthly
  • We want to upgrade our Placement Bags so they are more sturdy and reusable

For more information about this great opportunity to serve foster impacted families, please contact us at: info@onehope27.org

Birthday Presents

  • Provided birthday presents for foster families for foster children ages 3-9
  • We will be hosting this event every month!

For more information about participating, donating gifts or wrapping materials, please contact us at: info@onehope27.org

1Hope House Family Graduates

  • Our first 1Hope House family is graduating and moving to a self-sustaining living situation
  • We want to make sure this family has every opportunity to THRIVE on their own!


Donations Needed

We need clothing sized 4T-7/8 for both boys and girls


We have Merch!

Check our our t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, hoodies and totes!

Looking Ahead

  • We are actively accepting and processing applications new families to live in the 1Hope House
  • We are going to start hosting a Free Babysitting Night for Foster Families!
  • We will continue to have Placement Bag events monthly
  • We will also continue to give out birthday gifts to foster families for their children (3-9 years)