Meeting the Needs of Children in Foster Care


I want to tell you a story about Emily. Emily is a 3 year-old girl who witnessed some pretty scary things and was unable to stay in her home for a time due to safety issues. A couple adults she had never met before came and removed her from her home and everything that she knew. Emily’s Mother was extremely upset and crying more than Emily had ever seen her do before – Emily thinks that’s why they had to leave so quickly and she wasn’t able to bring her own clothes with her.

Emily is the youngest of 4 siblings, all who were taken to a social service office to play for the day. What Emily and her sisters didn’t know is that the social workers were tirelessly searching for a home that was able to welcome in all of her siblings so they could stay together.

Sadly there were no homes available or equipped to take all 4 siblings.

One by one Emily watched her siblings dropped off at homes she did not know.

Finally very late at night – a time that Emily was sure she was usually sleeping the van stopped at the last house. Emily exhausted from the events of the day was brought into the home of two faces she had never seen before. The lady held out her arms and Emily found herself embraced by warmth. The other lady, the one driving the van walked out and closed the door behind her – Emily never saw that lady again.

Here stood Emily, clear white stripes running down her face from the tears of the day, now dried but still so fresh. Where was she? Where were her sisters and her Mom and Dad? Who were these people holding her telling her that she was safe and it would be Okay?

Then the warm lady handed her a purple bag and opened it up for Emily to look inside. Emily’s eyes lit up and a smile broke on her face for the first time that day as she pulled out a new pair of Princess PJ’s, a new outfit and other items all her own!

This is just a little taste of the hope we bring to kids in foster care. It’s a bag filled with new items all their own on a day that is otherwise awful and frightening. It is taking care of a need and showing love in a very tangible way.

This Year OneHope27 will also begin granting the wishes of kids in care in Milwaukee County. These wishes will be for things that their foster family may not be able to afford. Things like specialty camps or classes, a new bike, or a computer for continuing education etc.

We want to give YOU the opportunity to do that SOMETHING you can do by granting some of these wishes. Stay tuned to our social media outlets in the weeks to follow for more information on how you can bring hope in this way to kids involved in foster care.


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