Property Search Update

The search for property has begun! We are working with a realtor we trust who lives in the city of Milwaukee and is extremely versed in the neighborhoods of our great city. She shares the heart and the vision behind our support home project and is regularly bringing properties for us to consider.

The main challenge that we have encountered in our property search is the fact that the majority of multi-family properties we are seeing are already occupied. We feel very strongly that we can not open a home that is intended to help women and families by displacing other families. This means that we will have to look a little longer and extend our search to other possibilities that we might be able to make work such as two homes in close proximity to each other. We will continue to walk this project out that right way even if that means it takes longer than expected to get it up and running.

We appreciate your prayers as we continue on this search and welcome any connections you may have to a property. We have faith that as we continue to walk this out the right way, it will be honored.

As we search for property we continue to work on the behind the scenes details that go into opening the home as well as some exciting opportunities for you to get involved as we bring hope and reframe what it looks like to care for kids and families involved in foster care in Milwaukee.



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