Our Placement Bags

Our longest standing program is our placement bags. Each month we pack 100 to 200 bags and deliver them to all division centers in Milwaukee for children placed in “out of home care”, foster families with kiddos who have grown out of their current sizes, and birth families that are being reunified! These bags contain all new items including: an outfit, a set of pajamas, underwear or diapers, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, other toiletries, a small book or toy/$25 gift card for teens, and a note of encouragement!

These bags are a huge blessing to both the child receiving them and the foster parents who are welcoming the child into their home. Placement bags let a child know that they are seen, known and someone was thinking of them. Receiving something new and all their own is special and helps in the smallest way on a day that can be very traumatic and full of unknowns for a child.

We are always looking for donations for these bags – full outfits and $25 gift cards are our greatest needs, but anything is appreciated!

You can check out our target registry below for up to date needs.

If you, your company, or group of friends would like to host a drive please contact Jennifer Stanislawski at: info@onehope27.org

In the Past

Placement bags have been used to serve foster children who are going into what is called “out of home care”.


We have successfully donated over 12 thousand bags to children in need (infants to 17 y.o.) and have expanded our network to include all division centers that currently serve foster children in Milwaukee!

In the Future

We hope to expand this to include children who are reunified with their families! We know these families need a word of encouragement, a community of support, and some fresh digs to celebrate their family being reunified!

Donate to Placement Bags

The Target registry is for anyone that wants to donate clothing and goods for placement bags for children. Please feel free to donate the items directly to 1HopeMKE or purchase a gift card to be used towards the purchase of clothing, toiletries and other gifts for foster children between the ages of 0 and 17!


Would you like to help pack these bags? Groups of ten people or less are ideal. Please email Jennifer Stanislawski to be informed about upcoming packing events.