Eyes Wide Open: An Educational Resource about Foster Care & the People We Met Along the Way Who Changed Us

“If you are exploring the possibility of getting involved with foster care, or are already involved in this profoundly difficult yet rewarding place, then this book is a must read for you. You’ll find the insight, encouragement, and hope you need no matter where you are on your journey.”

– Jason Johnson, author of “ReFraming Foster Care” and “Everyone Can Do Something”

This story is an account about engaging in foster care: how it opened our eyes, our hearts, and changed the way we live our life. We entered foster care in ignorance of a complex system full of people who live and hurt differently than we do. The more time my family and I spent involved with foster care, the more people we met who opened our eyes to the hurt around us. This is a narrative of our journey in foster care, an educational resource, but even more a story of how we learned to see others – how we learned to love.