It Takes a Community to Build a Home

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a community to build a home, and we want to invite you to be a part of that community!

As we start the new year we have begun the process of looking at buildings, which is so exciting! You can definitely be praying for continued guidance, wisdom, peace, and favor in this process. We feel so much joy and freedom as we have the financial means to purchase a building. We can be smart and steady with the process to make sure we find the right building for what we are doing. The right building for these women to find hope, to rebuild, to reunify. We’re not in search of just a building, but we’re in search of a HOME!

The place she will find hope – HERHope!

As we start this new and exciting season we want to share with you about HERHope. HERHope is an invitation to join us in what we are doing. An invitation to be part of the community that makes this place a home! It’s a big invitation with an even greater reward. HERHope isn’t something you partake in – it’s something you are. It’s a hope bigger than you, bigger than us. It’s a difference in these women’s lives. It’s hope. HER Hope.

HERhope is a monthly giving community of OneHope27. Consistent monthly giving allows us to confidently take in young mothers with children in foster care because HERhope has made sure that we have laid a strong foundation. The foundation is key in this home standing strong. Will you be a part of the financial community that helps to lay a strong foundation?!

We already have eight wonderful and faithful monthly donors, we would love to have 15 more by the end of February. And by the time we open our doors we hope to have $5000 coming in monthly. So what are our monthly donors giving towards you may ask? Well I’d like to highlight three quick things:

  1. Utilities – monthly donors are helping to keep the lights on in the home and the doors open. These funds also help the women to live here without paying full rent so they can save for their future and look towards it with hope. This financial blessing for these moms goes further than you can imagine.
  2. Furnishings – monthly donors will keep women warm, happy, and full. We all know sometimes you run out of coffee, need more toilet paper, or can’t find a clean towel. Monthly donors’ finances will help to fill the cupboards and closets with necessary items to keep the home warm and inviting.
  3. Vehicle upkeep – monthly donors help us put gas in the car so we can get these moms to and from their appointments, visits, job interviews, etc. A vehicle is key in their success and helps provide transportation to their future. This vehicle will also provide a beautiful opportunity for volunteers to drive our women to these appointments while building relationships that we hope will far outlast their time with us. We can’t wait to have you join us in volunteering so soon. Also, if you know someone in your personal community that you think may want to donate a vehicle let us know.
As we’re coming off our fundraiser I just want to thank you all again! We were blown away by your kindness and generosity, your continued encouragement and joy, your belief in us and hope for what we are doing as you see the value in this home. You are the community we need, the people this home will need, to not only be a reality as a building, but a reality as a place that brings hope and reunification. Thank you for showing up for us, for these families, for these women, for this city, for the one. For bringing back HERHope.

Thank you for being the community this home needs. We’re so excited to continue to journey on with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Thank you in advance to those of you who join our monthly giving HERHope and thank you to those who are already a part of HERHope: 

Carissa Russell      Lauren Wieloch      Greg Edlund      Eva Phillips      

Charonne Ganiere      Kelly Wellner      Alicia Laux      Jennifer Mertz


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