The Need

 Kids need you:

With over 2000 kids in Foster care on any given day in Milwaukee County alone, and only 589 foster homes, the need is great. Wisconsin needs Christ followers to open their homes and hearts to kids and families that are broken.

Families need you:

The Wisconsin Foster care system is filled with broken families with broken parents and broken traumatized kids who need healing. These are kids and families who don’t know what true love is. What a great representation of the Gospel for a Family to step into the messy broken situation of Foster care and show the relentless love of Christ.

Kids need FOREVER homes:

Of the 28,000 kids in America who age out of care without a forever home, 85-90% of them will be homeless, incarcerated, addicted or dead within 2 years. Though the Foster care system’s number one goal is reunification, sadly sometimes this can not happen. Wisconsin needs Christ followers who would give their family to a child who needs an Adoptive family  – FOREVER.