Beautiful Girl You Can Do Hard Things

As a mom my heart breaks when my kids are experiencing difficult things and I tend to want to shield them from the pain. Sometimes I wish I could keep them in a little protective bubble away from the hard stuff of this world – especially my kids who came to us from hard places and have already seen more pain than I would wish on anyone.

However I know that is not realistic, in this world there is pain, there is heartache and there is difficulty. As much as my heart aches with my kids when their hearts ache I know that those experiences are not wasted they are used to shape them into who they are. I also know that going through adversity gives us points of connection and compassion for others who are experiencing difficult things.

I recently saw a beautiful wall hanging that has become something of a mantra for my daughter. It says; Beautiful girl you can do hard things. Such a simple yet profound concept to keep in the front of her mind. When things are hard, when life brings difficulties you can walk through it – you can do the hard things.

We are heading into a season of doing the hard things here at OneHope27. Admittedly, we have had faced some challenges in the groundwork phase of the home that will push our timeline back at least several months. While we knew our goal was audacious when we set it, we also knew a goal needed to be in place. Now as we forge ahead we keep in mind that the hard things are just beginning.

We know that fighting for the hope and health of young moms and their kids will be a hard thing – there will be challenges that we have planned for and some we did not see coming. But these hard things are worth working through for the good of the organization and the families we serve.

I envision the opening day of our support home and a central wall insight as our young moms walk through one by one with this beautiful wall hanging reminding them of their beauty and their strength. I look forward with your help of welcoming them in with open arms and the love of Christ telling them that “beautiful girl you can do hard things” and we are right here with you as you learn to soar. 

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