I Want Jesus

One of my 5 little ones has high anxiety, making bedtime of particular struggle. Many times she will come out of bed after she has been all tucked in for the night looking for some reassurance. Often in those moments she will say 3 little words “I want Jesus”.

It melts my heart every time, that this little one who comes from such a broken place is so aware of her savior’s Love for her! She knows on the most innocent and elementary of levels that Jesus loves her; she knows that Jesus is all she needs!

These moments serve as a great reminder in the midst of the pain and the healing. It serves as a great reminder through the busyness of home visits and therapy and uneasiness of court dates – through all the unknowns of foster care that Jesus is all we need!

If we allow His love to shine through us to the children who enter (and maybe leave) our home, to their families, and our caseworkers, then we have done what we are called to do. “I want Jesus”, want him to shine through me to these individuals we come in contact with through the foster care system, that they might want Jesus too!

Charonne Ganiere – President OneHope27, inc. 

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