We Need Each Other

This weekend we had a gymnastics banquet to attend with our daughter. We picked out a new fancy dress that she was excited about but what she really wanted was her hair braided. While I have learned a great deal about caring for her ethnic hair I struggle with braiding. Thankfully my neighbor is quite skilled at it and stepped in to help. The result was a beautiful set of braids that my daughter loved and felt proud of.

I am grateful to have a support system like my neighbor around me to step in and help where I need it. Yet for so many moms this kind of support system is not in place. This causes me to think again about the young mom who’s struggling with motherhood and the lack of support she may have in place. We all have areas where we need help or support and not everyone has been fortunate enough to have those built-in.

For the young single mom who is struggling and grew up at risk, it is quite likely that she is lacking support and connection. What is she to do when her child has been sick for 5 days but if she stays home from work again to care for the child she loses her job? Does she leave her child home alone so she can keep her job and provide for that child or does she stay home to care for the child and lose her job making ongoing care for her child much more difficult? Without a support person in her life, this is an impossible scenario.

Support and connection are what our support home and HERhope projects are all about. We will come alongside young moms in crisis and walk with them to provide the needed connection and support that may not be in place. God made us for relationship, He made us for connection – we all need each other.


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