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All throughout Scripture we see God’s heart for the Orphan. With over 3000 churches in South Eastern Wisconsin and 6000+ statewide, we have the opportunity to bring hope and real impact to the Foster Care system.

The scriptural mandate to care for the functional Orphans of our Foster Care system is for everyone. Not everyone can foster, but EVERYONE can do something! Support for kids and families involved in Foster Care is crucial. They need the support of their Church and community to succeed.

If you or your Church is interested in engaging the Foster Care system in your county, Contact Us for more information.



There are countless ways for YOU to get involved in Foster Care.

There is a great need for Foster Parents in Milwaukee! Too many times children have to wait in a cold office somewhere while a social worker searches for an open home for them. Too many times Foster Parents are asked to take one more child even though their home and plate is full because there is just nowhere else. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if The Church and community so filled the foster care system with foster parents that there was a surplus of open Foster homes?


We need families that feel the call to not just GET a child for their family but willing to GIVE their family for a child.


YOU can give of your time, your talent and your financial backing

YOU can mow the lawn or remove snow for a Foster Family

YOU can donate clothes, diapers or formula for a Foster Child

YOU can make a donation to OneHope27 as we build upon our mission to bring HOPE

YOU can mentor a young mom whose child has been placed in foster care

YOU can make a meal for a fostering family

YOU can financially sponsor a Foster child so they could attend a camp or participate in a sport they may not otherwise be able to

YOU can do so much!




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When you give to OneHope27, your contributions support our mission to bring hope to kids and families involved in foster care.

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