At OneHope27 you will often hear us say, “Everyone can do something” to impact those involved in foster care. Many times that “something” begins with getstories-blogting involved in our placement bag project. Placement Bags are put together for children just entering foster care and provide a new outfit, new pair of pajamas, socks, undergarments, a toothbrush and often times other small items that are donated.

We provide nearly 1200 Placement Bags each year. These bags have been a tremendous blessing to children on an otherwise very difficult day for them. They are also a blessing to the family caring for these children as the kids often come only with the clothes they are wearing. Because donating items, or volunteering to help pack placement bags is an easy way for individuals to get involved we often see this as an entry point to foster care. It has been an honor to watch people serve in this way and see how their story unfolds.

Tammy came to us wanting to serve those involved in foster care with her natural gifting and abilities. She joined our team as our volunteer coordinator and did a fantastic job coordinating volunteers for the packing of Placement Bags. Tammy has always had a huge heart for kids and families involved in foster care and this was one of the things God used to encourage her to take that step to become a licensed foster parent. Tammy has been providing respite care for foster families for the past 8 months and welcomed her first longer-term placement in September.

One of the volunteers who began serving under Tammy’s leadership is Jen. Jen has an adopted son and every year on the anniversary of his adoption her family looks for a way to give back. The year that they served with us putting together Placement Bags as a part of that celebration was extra meaningful because it was something the whole family could do together. Jen and her family have since reopened their home to an adorable little guy in foster care who when he came to them, was brought with nothing other than one of our Placement Bags – perhaps even one of the bags that Jen helped put together.

Another story we love is Ashlyn’s. She first heard of OneHope27 from her sister in law who nannies for a foster family. She put together a drive at her church, which was hugely successful and provided months worth of pajamas for Placement Bags. Ashlyn knows that “all kids matter to God, and deeply matter to her” and she believes that all children should have the same benefits no matter their history. Ashlyn and her husband got further involved by becoming foster parents about a year ago.

We love sharing stories of our amazing volunteers who are doing the “Something” they can for kids and families involved in foster care! If you have a story to share we’d love to hear it!

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