Job Readiness Fair for Youth in Foster Care

When a child spends time in foster care without the opportunity to return home or be adopted before adulthood they “age out “of foster care. Sometimes these children who grow up in a system not a family enter the world Ill equipped to succeed.

Of the 28,000 youth who age of our foster care each year 85% will end up unemployed, homeless, addicted or incarcerated within 2 years. Those are very sobering stats. The reason those stats are so high is due to lack of skills and lack of connection for these kids.

We want to see these statics change in Milwaukee Co. and are beginning to put in place events and supports for our older kids in care.

This May in correlation with National Foster Care Month OneHope27 is presenting a Job Readiness Fair for youth in foster care. At this event foster youth will visit stations to prepare them to apply for and acquire employment. They will make a resume, learn how to fill out job applications and what to expect in an interview as well as participate in mock interviews. Attendees will also receive instruction from recruiters on what it takes to be a good employee. After they have completed the stations they can then visit the employers we have on sight to fill out applications and interview if applicable.

If you or your business are interested in volunteering at our event or coming with applications and on sight interviewing please contact us at





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