When a Community Comes Alongside the Vision

This winter we hit a mark in our fundraising and planning for the support home. Funds were not coming in from some of the categories we expected as quickly as we expected. We also had some personnel and logistic changes that impacted how we were able to move forward.

While I fully know that this vision to support young moms into quicker and more successful reunifications comes from God and it is his timing, I had also become a little discouraged with the place we were at.

One of our partner churches had chosen us as their local mission focus for 2019 and invited us to come shortly after the new year to accept a check for what they had collected. I was looking forward to being with Shorepoint Church as they have been a faithful partner church for years and we love the people there however I had expectations on myself for where we would be at, at this point that was not our reality and was struggling with how I would update the church about the support home.

When we were presented with a physically and numerically BIG CHECK during their first service, I was amazed at how this community had come alongside our vision and what they had collected knowing it would greatly aid in reaching our goal.

However this community, this church, this group of people who love well had a big surprise in store for us. We took the stage during the second service to say a thank you for the check they presented to us during the first service and as we were wrapping up our words of gratitude, a staff member walked out onto the stage with ANOTHER CHECK, doubling what we already saw as a very generous donation! 

I share all this because you never know what a community of people can do when they come together AND you never know when God might send something along that completely changes the trajectory of what you see ahead of you!

Thanks to the love and generosity of our partners at Shorepoint Church we are now at the place where we can start exploring property to purchase. 


3 thoughts on “When a Community Comes Alongside the Vision

  1. I am SO happy to hear this! I met you when you spoke at World Impact Ministries. Praise God for his provision!

  2. Glory to God!!!! Being part of Shorepoint has been one of the biggest blessings to my family of our lives, so grateful for leaders who exemplify Jesus in how live and give!!! Can’t wait to hear what the Lord does this year through One Hope 27!

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