Recent research has shown an increase in children in foster care leaving due to adoption or guardianship and less due to reunification with one or both parents.

We know that most children are removed from their parents care due to neglect that is closely related to the underlying need of the parents. When a child is removed from a mother’s care it has shown to increase depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide in that parent. SupportingĀ mother’s into a connected and healthy lifestyle with a result of reunification whenever possible is the best outcome for the health of the mother and her child.

Painstakingly aware of this need, we would love to have our home open and supporting young mother’s and their children still, we know that we only see in part and God’s timing is always best. As we continue to fundraise and steward the support and opportunities that come our way we have taken the time given to us as an opportunity to make community connections and partnerships that will be vital as we move forward.

You can continue to partner with us by viewing our newsletters to stay connected to needs and volunteer opportunities – watch for upcoming vison and fundraising events. You can also help spread the word by sharing with your friends and family about our vision and join us in prayer as we begin to search for a building that will fit our needs as well as staff to serve the women we will be welcoming in.


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