Like A Mother

As I sit down to write about our first Annual Mother’s Day 5K, “Run Like a Mother”, I want to thank you!

You see, when Charonne and I decided we were going to plan, create, and “host” a 5K, we both we’re not only doing this for the first time for One Hope 27, but we were doing it for the first time ourselves. When Charonne dreamed up One Hope 27 and I joined in November of 2020, neither of us thought we’d be wearing half the hats we’ve worn the last year – race coordinator and virtual 5K planner were definitely not on our minds. So when the planning began and the Eventbrite was created, we had hands open wide waiting to see what might happen. 

That’s when all of you showed up!

Churches to local businesses. Single moms to whole families. You all showed up to complete 3.1 miles. You all showed up and it encourages us greatly!

I feel like this 3.1 miles each of you completed, whether you knew the exact loop you would be doing, or aimlessly walked for 3.1 miles, you knew what the ending would be. How you got there and how long it took was maybe unknown. THIS is how we felt when looking for a home. We knew we wanted a home, we knew where, the purpose it would serve, and the end goal, but how long it would take was completely unknown.

It was also unknown the hands that would help rebuild walls, paint over damages, plant new gardens, build sturdier stairs, refinish floors, and add beauty and comfort. Who would help us fill the bedrooms where moms would lay their heads, maybe having a bed to call their own for the very first time. Who would help fill the welcome baskets, from the simplest item of a toothbrush to a journal where moms would record the sweet moments and growth that happen as they work towards reunification. Who would help finish the third floor where there is currently no walls and unsafe windows. Who will fill that room with toys children can play with as they laugh and hug their mom. Who will fill the salon with all the tools needed, not just for doing hair, but for relationships to grow, healing to happen, where bio mom and foster mom become teammates, partners, and friends as they raise a child they both love dearly. 

But this isn’t unknown to me anymore!

Over 200 of you signed up to run this race. Many of you were joined by extra friends, children, and co-workers as you shared about what you were doing and the desire to support us only grew as numbers were added to the names of people who showed up and will continue to show up!

7 local businesses came together bringing in over $10,000 to sponsor this race. Other local businesses offered ttheir support and spaces, from making the shirts to being a space for shirts to be picked up. Local artists and makers donated their goods to be raffled off and their food to be eaten at a discount in support. Local churches and businesses rallied with their members and coworkers to walk in support of families here in Milwaukee. All of you helped bring in another $5,000 as you signed up and participated in this 5K.

To say we have been blown away by the support we not only received by your participating in this race, but the ways you all have shown up in the past, and the ways you continue to ask how you can show up to support, give, and volunteer, continues to blow us away!

I’m not a mother myself, but I have 2 of the best examples of mom, from my own mother as well as my sister. Moms show up no matter the circumstances, they give of themselves without hesitation, they ask what can I do without worrying about how hard it will be. It’s not because they are unafraid, but because they see the reward, they know what it means to help something grow to be the best it can be. Moms show up, and each of you ran like a mother and showed up like a mother!

So this blog is for you! A big thank you! Thank you for continuing to journey with us, for supporting, giving, and showing up Like a Mother!

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