A Message From Our Exectutive Director

I want to thank you for faithfully partnering with us as we have worked to bring hope to kids and families involved in foster care over the past four years. With your help, we have recruited and supported more than 100 foster parents, granted the wishes of dozens of kids in care, hosted two Job Readiness Fairs and have provided 4000 placement bags full of new items. In addition, we created a resource to help others who are beginning the process or coming alongside someone who is engaged in foster care.

We have supported and brought hope to kids involved in foster care in Milwaukee and their foster families. While most of these programs are ongoing and will continue it is time that we broaden our reach to the biological parents of foster children.

Over the past several years we have seen the number of children currently in care in Milwaukee County increase by 2000. We have also seen this young population of moms struggle increasingly with homelessness, mental health and alcohol and drug abuse issues. We recognize that many of these young moms spent time in foster care themselves and have little to no support in place.

In 2020 OneHope27 will open a Support home that will provide the connection moms need to succeed with a mentoring program, peer team building, life skills classes, and low-cost housing right in the heart of the city. We believe that with support and connection young moms in crisis can begin to thrive and reunify with their children more quickly and successfully. As a result, we will see stronger families and a stronger community.

I ask that you continue in the faithfulness you have already shown as you consider how you might partner with us and with what God is doing in Milwaukee. For those of you who are able I ask you to consider committing to monthly giving, as our budget has expanded greatly with this project. In addition please consider a one-time gift to help us get started with the purchase of this home.

If you would like any additional information about our support home or any of our projects, as always please contact me.

Together we will bring hope where hope has been lost.






One thought on “A Message From Our Exectutive Director

  1. Hello, my name is Genelle Missurelli.
    I would love to serve as a volunteer. I work in an office of an Assisted Living. I can do data entry work or mailings.
    Please contact me at 414 550 5858.

    Genelle Missurelli

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